What People Dont Know About the Divorce Process

This video from The Financial Confessions interviews a divorce attorney about finances and divorce. How does money affect relationships? How does money affect divorce rates? Money is an important conversation that all couples should have.

This interview focuses on finances and divorce and the feelings that money can affect emotions. This is an interesting take on how money plays a role in relationships and what is worth arguing over in a divorce when it comes to finances.

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This divorce attorney gives an honest view of what the attorney’s role is at the divorce table. The interview also addresses prenup agreements and how they can help to end a marriage without a lot of conflicts. The viewer will also find out some surprising information about prenups and post-nuptial agreements.

This well-produced video is chockful of information about marriage and divorce and finances. It can help married couples and divorcing couples better understand their rights and obligations.

This entertaining interview gives some inside information about divorce and the important role that finances play in every divorce. This is an important video for anyone considering divorce or anyone that wants to better understand the important role that finances play in marriage and divorce.


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