What You Should Know About Personal Injury Cases In The United States

If you are a motorcyclist, and especially if you ride a souped-up sports bike, it’s not unusual to find you’ve earned yourself the stereotypical association of a dangerous, dare-devil reckless driver, which contributes to motorcycle wrecks cases being some of the trickiest to handle. If you’re in a state that still follows the pure contributory negligence model and you’re in a crash, don’t give a recorded statement to the insurance company because what you say can, and will most likely, be used against you.

Instead, lawyer up; get a motorcycle injury lawyer. Let them do the talking with the insurance company. You also need an attorney to evaluate your personal injury cause of action so they can bring it to your claim, allowing you to collect enough compensation to cover all your damages as permitted under the law.

A motorcycle wreck isn’t an intentional accident either; most cars involved will turn or pull out without paying much attention to the riders. However, you can still have a pretty solid case even if you are partially at fault and get a settlement for the other party’s fault.

Here’s a personal injury law 101: never rush the process, and don’t settle too quickly. Take time to prepare properly and to be fully recovered. Stay within the probate statute of limitations for your specific case and state. Seeing how common these types of injuries are, knowing your rights is essential.

As personal injury attorneys can easily attest to, personal injury cases are incredibly commonplace all throughout the United States. From cases revolving around workplace injuries (and the workers comp that these workers very much deserve) to cases of medical malpractice, personal injury attorneys tend to have a full plate on their hands all throughout the year. But as most personal injury attorneys will also tell you, car accidents and other such motor vehicle accidents are by and large the most common cause for a personal injury claim here in the United States. In fact, the data gathered on the subject even backs this up, showing that car and other such motor vehicle accidents alone make up more than half of all personal injury cases handled by various personal injury attorney all throughout the country.

This should come as no surprise when you see the statistics on the subject, statistics that show that up to six million car accidents occur each and every year. While some of these car accidents are relatively minor, it is also very true that as many as three million people will become injured in some of the more severe accidents that take place, all within this same span of time of a single year. Unfortunately, some of these injuries themselves are very serious, as up to 35% of all spinal cord injuries sustained here in the United States can be linked back to car accidents (or other such motor vehicle accidents like truck accidents, as the case might be).

Unfortunately, many deaths occur in car and motor vehicle accidents as well. A mere 12 months will lead to more than 30,000 deaths on an annual basis, and it has even been estimated that up to 37,000 car accident related deaths will occur over the course of just one year. In addition to this, some years even show numbers of car accident related deaths that soar as high as 40,000. So it’s no surprise, at least not to the personal injury attorneys here in the United States, that personal injury cases related to car crashes are far from uncommon or rare.

And there are a number of preventable causes behind these personal injury car accident cases. For instance, the typical personal injury attorneys working here in the United States are likely to see a great deal of cases that are related to drunk driving or driving while under the influence of some other substance. In fact, more than one million people were arrested in the year of 2015 alone, all of these arrests linked back to driving while being intoxicated in some way.

Driving while drunk is particularly commonplace, as up to 300,000 people will get behind the wheel after drinking a substantial amount each and every day here in the United States. Unfortunately, only about 4,000 or so of these people are actually caught by law enforcement professionals, and the rest stay on the roads, posing a danger not only to themselves, but to many others as well. Unfortunately, this leads to the deaths of nearly 30 people each and every day, all in relation to drunk driving incidents. In addition to this, a new person is likely to become injured in a drunk driving related incident for every two minute span of time.

But drunk driving is certainly not the only problem seen with intoxicated driving, as the data even shows that driving under the influence of a substance that is not alcohol actually causes as many a 16% of all car accidents and other such motor vehicle accidents seen all throughout the country, all just within the span of a year. As personal injury attorneys can tell you, however, these drugs will not just include illegal drugs but will also include legal drugs as well, something that must be taken into consideration when doctors are dispensing medication to their patients – and should certainly always at least be a topic of conversation in these interactions.

With car accidents and other such motor vehicle accidents so very commonplace in the United States, it’s no surprise that personal injury attorneys are busy indeed.

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