An Introduction to Securities Law

If you’re interested in investing, you may wonder what kind of lawyer can help you make sure your investments are legal and protected. You may be looking for a securities lawyer since they specialize in securities law.

Since 1933, securities laws have regulated financial instruments like stocks and bonds. These essential investing tools are the way many people earn a passive income.

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If you feel that investment companies have done something illegal in the way they handled the stocks, bonds, or mutual funds you placed your hard-earned money into, a securities lawyer can help you find out if your hunch is correct. They can see if companies you worked with have conflicts of interest that negatively affected you.

Securities lawyers can also make cases against individuals or corporate entities involved in market manipulation. They hold people accountable for acting on insider information or trading without permission. They can also determine whether or not a company has likely committed fraud.

The video on this page is a great introduction to securities laws in general. It splits the laws into four categories to help simplify the concepts it addresses. If you are at all curious about working with a securities lawyer, make sure to get familiar with securities law before you reach out to them.


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