A Child Custody Attorney Discusses the Power of Discovery Depositions

Divorce is complicated, but any divorce that involves children is especially complicated. Spouses sometimes fight over time with their children, and they may lie to their lawyers to get what they want, regardless of the best possible outcome for their children.

A child custody attorney has extra tools to figure out the best compromise for divorcing parents. One of those tools is the discovery deposition, which explores facts that are relevant to the case outside of the courtroom setting.

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This speeds up the in-court process of any legal case and allows lawyers from both sides to get a clearer view of their clients and competition.

Discovery depositions can make a huge difference when it comes to lawyer-to-lawyer communication and can help lawyers ensure the children involved in a divorce case get the best possible outcome. Children need to be protected, and not all parents are well suited to maintaining large roles in their children’s lives.

In this video, a discovery deposition helped attorneys on both sides negotiate better and find a great compromise when it came to custody and visitation of their children. Without the depositions from both sides, confusion would have slowed down the court process.

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