Why Every Galveston Divorce Attorney Keeps Up With Divorce Statistics

Unfortunately, sometimes marriage will end. Usually, one spouse will file for divorce before the other. The other spouse may or may not have known about their intention to file. In some cases, the divorce decision is agreeable to both people, and it’s normal to wonder, can both parties file for divorce? Yes, they both can separately file if they wish, but it’s always better when there is only one case for the court to decide.

Can both husband and wife file for divorce jointly? Yes, both a husband and wife can file the paperwork jointly. This type of filing is best done when both the husband and the wife agree on all of the basic divorce questions that are found in the court paperwork. Some basic divorce questions include topics such as who gets what personal items from the marital home, who gets which financial assets, which spouse will pay the remaining debts, and where the pets or children will live, if any.

While a mutual divorce may have started amicably initially, sometimes one spouse will change their mind about the terms and agreements they originally proposed. When the spouse can’t get the other spouse to agree on the new terms and conditions for their divorce, sometimes the spouse who wants to change the terms may retain a divorce attorney even after filing for divorce.

Galveston divorce attorney

Almost every Galveston divorce lawyer knows about the five main reasons that people in this country get divorced today, which include problems with communication among partners, infidelity or cheating, problems with finances, abuse, and a general loss in interest. Among those divorcing, usually those in their first marriages will be married for about 8 years until a divorce occurs. From there, the stats veer off between the sexes, with men more often turning toward drinking after a divorce according to a 2012 study published by the University of Cincinnati and the mean age of females going through a divorce being at the young age of 29.

Nearly every Galveston divorce attorney knows these statistics and can spout them out to clients, along with the interesting fact that Ronald Reagan was the only president to have ever been divorced. These statistics are important to every Galveston divorce attorney because they help to personify the act of divorce, bringing real statistics to light for clients to show them that they are not alone. Every Galveston divorce attorney, therefore, strives to know as much about divorce statistics as possible to ensure clients’ comfort and to ensure higher and more successful track records.

Similarly, every Galveston child custody attorney is schooled and informed on the statistics impacting families of divorce. This keeps every Galveston child custody lawyer on his toes, and it too helps ensure stronger outcomes. Through knowing which factors embody child custody laws and divorce proceedings in Texas, these attorneys are informed.

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