How a Nonprofit Legal Service Can Organize an Outdoor Fair

As the YouTube video suggests, justice for all should be a right, but unfortunately, the legal gap is a real problem that affects lower-income families. Non-profit legal services help fill the gap and extend these crucial services to needy families. However, not all families in need are aware of these services, therefore creating a need for exposure. That’s why outdoor events are such an integral part of the marketing efforts of these organizations.

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Tips for Hosting an Outdoor Fair

The first question you should ask yourself is what the purpose of your event is, as this will dictate the theme, the location, the vendors, the volunteers, and most importantly, the budget. Do you want to raise funds for your organization, create awareness amongst community members, or promote your services? The second consideration is your location. If your budget is tight, you may want to consider a less expensive location or even a free one.

The problem with most free locations is that you’ll need a permit to host your event, and you may not have bathroom facilities at this location. There is an inexpensive, simple, yet effective solution: porta potty rentals in Rancho Cucamonga. Additionally, you’ll need to secure permits and insurance, plan activities, recruit vendors, do marketing, and provide legal service information booklets for the event.

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