Finding the Right DUI Representation

Dui attorney columbus ohio

Drinking and driving is a serious problem which, like all serious problems, has serious consequences, morally, legally, and practically. As any Dui lawyer columbus ohio employs can tell you, a DUI offense in the state of Ohio can mean the loss of your license for up to three years. Add to that the increased possibility of injuring or killing yourself or others, and the ramifications of driving while under the influence of alcohol become apparent.

If a police officer in Ohio has probable cause to stop your vehicle (i.e. if you are visibly impaired or have been reported to be under the influence of alcohol or any other controlled substance), you are implicitly obligated to submit to chemical testing when asked to do so. Your refusal could mean the automatic loss of your license and a hefty fine. If you have been accused of drunk driving attorneys in Ohio are available to inform you of your situation and your rights.

Some Ohio DUI cases are cut and dried. If your blood alcohol content is 0.02 percent or greater and you are under 21, then you will be arrested for drunken driving. If your condition caused an accident, you could be guilty of even more severe crimes, depending on the outcome of the accident. A plea of “wet reckless” can be entered, which essentially means you admit that alcohol was a contributing factor in your accident. Any drunk driving lawyer or DUI attorney Columbus Ohio can offer will be able to inform you as to the pros and cons of various pleas.

Any competent Columbus Ohio DUI lawyer Columbus Ohio Ovi attorney columbus ohio drunk driving attorney or Columbus Ohio legal advice service can recommend options if you have been charged with drunken driving. Even if the case seems straightforward, it is always in your best interest to secure proper legal counsel, to ensure that your rights are protected, and that any ambiguity can be sorted out professionally and promptly.

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