Federal Bail Bonds 101

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Being charged with a federal crime is serious. If you’re facing a federal charge, here are key pieces of information to know about Federal bail bonds and how they work

Depending on the charges, the government will determine whether to detain you or release you on bail. Before this “detention hearing”, you will have a pre-trial interview. This consists of a series of questions concerning your background and ties to the community.

Based on this interview, the court will assess whether or not to release you on bail. If you are offered bail, it will come in one of two types: promissory or property. Promissory is an I.O.U saying you will pay the bond at some agreed-upon date in the future. Property bail is when you use the equity on a home as a promise to the court. This means if you miss court dates, the court will seize your home. You can use a bail bondsman for these processes, but it isn’t required.

When you are out on bail, you will need to adhere to a strict set of limitations that the court will decide on. This can include restrictions on drug and alcohol use, firearm possession, and travel. Your best chance of getting out of the jam is to follow these to the letter.

Facing federal charges is scary, but if you handle it right, you can get out of it and mitigate losses to your time, money, and personal dignity.


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