Drinking and Divorce A Two Way Street

No one ever has the goal of getting divorced when they first get married. Many people do not even think that it is ever going to happen to them. A lot of them know the statistics. They know that about half of all married couples end up getting divorced, but they never think it is going to happen to them. Of course, it often does happen to these same people. This is why they need to learn about how to manage things during a divorce so that they can get through it as well as possible. They need to learn about things such as asset protection and how to find a good attorney or mediator who can help. If this is a situation of affairs and divorce, it might be even more complicated, so it might be even more important to have someone who is an impartial third party playing a role in the divorce.

There are certain questions that people might have when they are going through a divorce. What is the best way to divorce wife? Can I get a quick divorce? Can you fight a divorce? These are certainly questions that you can ask your mediator or attorney.

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Every year in this country, over one million people discover that their parents aree separating or seeking a divorce. Among those who remarry another partner, the rate of divorce for that second marriage is a staggering 60 percent. But ask the average Orange County family law attorney, and they will tell you that the dominoes rarely stop there.

Some couples cite excessive drinking as a contributing factor in their divorce. However, according to a 2012 study from the University of Cincinnati, a man is far more likely than a woman to turn to alcohol after a divorce. So even if excessive drinking had not been a lifestyle choice before, it may easily become one after. Sadly, Orange County family law attorneys and Orange county dui attorneys regularly see this pattern of behavior.

Following the divorce of any couple with dependent children, there is always the question of guardianship. Guardianship, along with adoption and domestic partnerships, is the purview of a family law attorney, and in California alone, family law filings in 2011 numbered over 450,000, resulting in over 380,000 dispositions. If a recently divorced person has turned to alcohol as a coping mechanism, it may make the job of an Orange County family law attorney in charge of placing that persons dependent children all the more difficult.

So unfortunately, it might not be an uncommon event for a divorcee to find themselves requiring the services of an Orange County family law attorney Orange county dui lawyer, and possibly the Orange County criminal court system, all as a consequence of a failed marriage. Thankfully, any Orange County family attorney has the desire and resources to help those individuals find the help they need, be it through alcohol and drug abuse treatment programs, therapy for depression, or financial planning to manage new child support payments.

Any major life change can be difficult to process and even more difficult to accept. But Orange County family attorneys are willing to go above and beyond to help their clients get back on their feet.

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  2. the phrase “fox news is right” should never appear anywhere on the internet

  3. the phrase “fox news is right” should never appear anywhere on the internet

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