Budgeting Your Legal Services How Much Do Employment Lawyers Charge?

How much do employment lawyers charge? That’s one of the more complex questions most employees tend to ask themselves whether hiring an employment lawyer will save them a hefty amount of money or not. So, how much do they charge? Let’s find out.

Basics of Employment Lawyer Fees:

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Consultation- if you’re wondering how much an employment lawyer will charge you for a simple consultation, the answer would be free. Although most employment lawyers won’t charge you for consultation, some will charge a nominal fee. Don’t worry about it; it’s worth it.

2. Legal Advice- if you’re an employee of a specific company and you have legal issues with them, and you want to seek legal advice, then most plaintiff lawyers will charge you an hourly rate as they will only be giving you advice about the matter and not representing you in the court.

3. Severance negotiations- although there’s a lot that goes through this than one might think, severance negotiations from employment lawyers are by far one of the hardest to price because some of them can be quick, whereas some of them may require a substantial amount of time. However, if they offer you something, it will most likely be on an hourly rate rather than a percentage of what you will be getting once it is over. In some other instances, most employment lawyers do flat rates, however, it can be difficult to navigate.


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