Are You in Need of an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney?

The first statement you should make to yourself after being accused of a crime is, “I need a defense attorney.” Hiring a criminal defense attorney is crucial for various reasons. One reason is that you can possibly have yourself acquitted of the charges. Secondly, the attorney can negotiate a more favorable consequence if you have one working by your side.

Maybe you don’t know how to choose a good criminal defense lawyer. These are some tips for that:

Find out the Prosecutor First

Learn how to find the prosecutor of a case first. You could then look for lawyers who have beaten that prosecutor in court. That tactic will put you much closer to finding an attorney who can win your case.

Connect With Lawyer Networks

You can also search some lawyer networks to find good defense lawyers. Lawyer networks will have long lists that you browse for the type of provider you need.

Research and Consult

You must research each attorney you consider hiring if you want to get the best. You’ll need to look at factors such as the attorney’s case wins, education, experience, reviews, and more. You deserve nothing but the best representation. Using the tactics mentioned above will get that for you.

Who would want to think about the possibility of going to court to battle a criminal charge? It is not something that must of us like to dwell on, but we do understand that it is the role of a defense lawyer to help us out should we ever find ourselves in this situation. These situations are more common than you may think, and it is a good idea to know all about criminal lawyers so you know how to hire one should you ever need one.

There is no question that becoming a criminal defense attorney is no easy task. An attorney for criminal charges will have had to go through many years of law school, graduated, and passed the bar exam that allows them to practice in that state. A federal criminal defense lawyer often has to go through even more than all of that. They also need to keep up their certifications in order to still be allowed to practice after some time. Putting that all together, it is easy to see why those who hire criminal defense attorneys can be confident in their attorney’s ability to help them defend themselves in these cases. These lawyers work so hard at what they do, and it just makes sense that they would become quite good at it over time.

Michaela marie stagnaro

You remember laughing at the time, but currently you are in a situation that is no laughing matter. Six months ago when your cousin introduced you to her fiance at the family reunion, she joked that you might want to have his business card. Completely as a joke at the time, her introduction included the fact that her soon to be husband was a fairly well known and experienced criminal defense attorney. Now that you find yourself somehow arrested for the second time in two weeks you have a feeling that an experienced criminal defense attorney is exactly what you will need. You are a little hesitant about calling someone whom you will soon be distantly related too, but desperate times call for desperate measures.
Last week when you were pulled over on your way home from having a few drinks after work you really were not that worried. You had not had much to drink and you had talked your way out of several tickets in the past. Today, however, you knew you had drank too much to be driving, but you got tired of waiting for the free cab you had summoned and had made the horrible decision to drive the few miles from the club where you went after golf to your home.
As you look in the mirror and recognize the familiar face of the officer who just ticketed you a few days ago, an impending sense of doom is filling the car. No way can this be happening. And in no way at all is this a laughing mater.

You have already made an appointment with the experienced criminal defense attorney who will soon be marrying your cousin, but you cannot believe you will likely be calling his office again to explain that you have been arrested a second time.
Drinking and Driving During the Holidays Is a Dangerous Decision
Driving under the influence and the resulting drunk driving charges can be a threat to your income, your marriage, and, in some cases, your entire future. If you find yourself facing a drunk driving charge you would likely do well to immediately get in contact with an experienced criminal defense attorney, or well known DUI law firm. Failure to seek legal representation in some states is a mistake that can play out in a number of devastating ways. Without at least seeking legal advice, for example, you may find yourself without a driver’s license for a fairly long period of time, out of work if a conviction can get you fired, and out on the street looking for a new place to stay if your wife has anything to say about it.

There is no guarantee that even the best criminal defense lawyer can help you avoid all of the penalties of a bad decision, but you would likely never forgive yourself if you did not at least make an effort to get some advice and knowledgable representation.
Statistics collected by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) indicate that an average drunk driver has done so as many as 80 times before the first arrest. In fact, on any given day while as many as 300,00 drunk driving events happen. Of this number, though, fewer than 4,000 are arrested. This statistic also provided by MADD is an indicator that many people who drive under the influence feel as if they will never get caught. When, however, your luck runs out and you do see those flashing red lights in the rear view mirror you will likely find yourself in need of some sound legal advice.
All of the confidence that you may have had in yourself to stay in control behind the wheel even after you have had a few drinks might disappear when you find yourself in front of a judge hoping for the best results. Instead of leaving things up for chance, many people fell that having the best legal representation they can afford can help them get the better results.
According to One DUI Insurance statistics, 1.4 million people are arrested each year for a first offense DUI. If you are one of them, consider getting legal assistance.

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