Day: January 30, 2014

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Have You Been Asking “What Are My Rights as a Pregnant Employee?”

When you enter into a professional contract with a business, you have a reasonable expectation that your rights as an employee will be respected. Employee rights, as employment lawyers can tell you, range from being compensated for your work time, being treated as a person instead of like chattel, and being protected from wrongful dismissal […]

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What Does a Bankruptcy Attorney Do?

You might not realize it until you go to them for help, but a chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney can be extremely helpful when it comes to dealing with all types of bankruptcies that you might have to deal with. Unlike so many other members of society, they understand that there are advantages and disadvantages of […]

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Defense Digs Up Digital Evidence to Condemn A-Rod

Can courts use text messages, emails, and deleted search history to sentence criminals? According to The Examiner, the answer is yes. In fact, digital evidence — in this case, blackberry messages — may sway jurors’ final decisions about baseball star Alexander Rodriguez’s (A-Rod) alleged drug use, The Examiner reports. If the MLB is unable to […]

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