Family law attorneys phoenix

Before he agrees to offer his services to his clients, a lawyer Mesa AZ likes to regale them with facts and figures about real estate attorneys Phoenix, family law attorneys Phoenix AZ, and Phoenix estate planning attorneys.

Some of these facts and figures are extremely relevant to his clients. For example, the lawyer mesa az notes that Western states typically have higher divorce rates than Southern and Northern states. The lawyer Mesa AZ also notes that the Northeast has the lowest marriage and divorce rates. Furthermore, the lawyer Mesa AZ also notes that the average age for a first divorce is 29; in other words, most women are 29 years old when they divorce for the first time in their lives.

These facts greatly interest the clients who pay their hard earned money to spend time with the lawyer mesa az. Unfortunately, however, the lawyer Mesa AZ also likes to waste his clients’ time by telling them facts and figures that have absolutely no relevance to their case. For example, did you know that men are more likely to become alcoholics than women after going through a rough divorce? The lawyer Mesa AZ is fascinated by this fact, but his clients are often far less interested.

After regaling them with stories about divorce, the lawyer Mesa AZ finally describes his specialty to his clients. He notes that family law has expanded far beyond its original provisions which dealt almost exclusively with marriage, divorce, custody battles, visitation rights, and other such matters. It now encompasses areas of law which deal with people who are not legally married.

At this point, the client formally asks the lawyer Mesa AZ to represent him and his family. At this point, the lawyer drafts a contract which the client then signs and dates.

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