What Separation Agreement Attorneys Do For Your Split

Watch this video to learn more about what a separation agreement attorney can do for you during your split.
When a couple decides to call it quits on their marriage, they sign a legally binding separation agreement. The separation agreement outlines, among other things, how they will divide their joint financial obligations.

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The agreement also touches on other commitments such as child support, custody, visitation, spousal support, etc.
Before the commencement of the divorce settlement, their respective attorneys, for consideration as a component of the judge’s ultimate divorce decree, may submit a separation agreement to the court. The separation agreement attorneys will do their best to ensure the following things:
The settlement is reasonable and fair to both stakeholders.
Both parties, without any coercion or pressure, signed the agreement.
Each party, in equal measure, retains that legal counsel from a dedicated attorney.
The separation agreement attorney’s responsibility is to represent each party in the separation agreement to ensure that both parties declare their assets and debts truthfully.

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