What is a Probate Lawyer?

When a person passes away, There are many things that need to be done to follow their will. This can be confusing and overwhelming, especially after losing a loved one. Luckily, a probate lawyer can help you and your family. keep reading to learn what a probate lawyer is and what they do.

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Let’s start with what probate means. Probate is the process by which you administer a loved one’s estate and make sure their intentions are followed, their debts are paid, and their assets are distributed to the beneficiaries they intended.

So what is a probate lawyer? A probate lawyer is a state-licensed attorney who works with the executors, personal representatives, and beneficiaries of an estate to settle the affairs of the deceased. The probate lawyer guides the beneficiary through the probate process.

Some of the common tasks probate lawyers undertake are collecting proceeds from life insurance policies, and identifying and securing estate assets like watches, jewelry, art, or real properties like vacation homes and condos.

To learn more about what a probate lawyer does, watch the video above!


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