What I Should Expect From A Social Security Disability Attorney

In the video, “What Should You Expect from a Disability Attorney”, the patient-attorney relationship is explained. Additionally, factors relative to social security disability attorneys and applications are discussed. The video emphasizes the fact that clients can delay the process through unproductive questions and requests for updates.

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Still, using all resources available can ensure efficiency in handling a disability application.

Above all, disability attorneys want clients to know about contingency fees, meaning payment is made to attorneys only when past-due benefits are issued. Attorneys can face challenges when working with clients who speak negatively about prior attorneys. For that reason, drug and alcohol abuse or under-the-table employment turns most attorneys away. The video explains that the end result is that if a case isn’t winnable, an attorney will be hesitant to accept the client.

Online portals are essential for checking document statuses, as monthly calls from paralegals mean efficient communication. Also pointed out in the video is the mutual respect between client and attorney, where attorneys or paralegals keep clients updated on application changes, but clients acknowledge that excessive phone calls or emails can delay or slow the application process.

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