Us supreme court video

The US Supreme Court is the highest court of appeals in the country, and it serves as an important branch of the three branch government. Supreme Court decisions are historic in nature since they set the most important precedent for the rest of the country, and often end up determining the legality or illegality of different laws, actions, rules and regulations.

For people interested in learning about the actual procedures of the Supreme Court, they might want to acquire Supreme Court videos. During the day, the Supreme Court building is open to the public during normal business hours, and seating in the approximately 250 seats is first come, first served. For important decisions, people sometimes camp out for days in order to ensure that they receive a seat inside of the courtroom.

Oral argument is what you can view via US Supreme Court videos. After the lawyers present oral arguments, during which the justices can ask them questions, the Justices then retire to a conference during which they count tallies and begin to draft concurring and dissenting opinions, depending on which justices agree with what. The general public is not invited to the conference section, which is why no court videos exist to show this.

Citizens and legal representatives alike can learn much by watching court videos. It is a good way to observe how precedent is set, and to get a feel for courtroom behavior and standards. It can also be a useful tool for teaching students about historical decisions in history.

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