Uncontested divorce

Divorce is a difficult experience that many Americans face. It affects people from all walks of life: divorce for physicians is as common as divorce for blue collar workers.

If you are experiencing divorce. That is why it is so important that you do all within your power to settle your divorce quickly and amicably.

But as anyone who has experienced divorce can tell you, it is hard to keep your divorce amicable. And while the average length of divorce process is around a year in the U.S., unfortunately, the less amicable a divorce is, the longer it will take.

That is why we have put together this quick list of tricks to help keep your divorce amicable.

Set Goals

When you decide it’s time for divorce papers, sit your spouse down and explain to them you want to have as amicable of a divorce as possible. That doesn’t mean you have to like them (or they you), or that you need to be friendly. Rather, it means that you need to set a plan of action of how you can keep your divorce civil.

Forget Blame

One of the hardest things to do during a divorce is to keep yourself from hashing out old arguments. But unless an argument might actually to effect change, there is no point wasting your energy on rehashing old fights.

State Your Grievances Clearly, but Kindly

The English language has one of the broadest vocabularies of any language today, so it should not be overly taxing to state your grievances in a way that is not actively hostile. That doesn’t mean you need to sugar coat your experience, but for the purpose of the divorce, try to keep your words as provocative as possible.

Be Generous

This can be applied in two separate ways. First, you should be generous in the way that you deal with one another. If a person makes a mistake and says something snide or mean spirited, don’t respond in kind.

It also applies to how you split assets after the divorce. Chances are, both you and your spouse have different ideas of what you’re entitled to. When disagreements arise, seek compromise. Don’t dig in and try to punish your partner for disagreeing with you.

Divorce is a difficult time. Between the divorce lawyers, mediation for child custody, and legal proceedings, it can be overwhelming. But whether you need a divorce for physicians or for steel workers, it can be done amicably.

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