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If you walk down the street in any city or town across America and asked people you see whether or not they have a will, it might shock you to learn how many people would say no. A little over half of those you might ask would say that they simply haven’t gotten around to it. For whatever reason they might give, millions of people have not made arrangements for what will happen to their homes or possessions after they die.

A will that is complicated can take over two years to probate and settle. Even a very simple will can take six months to a year. If you do not have even the simplest of wills, there is no telling how long your loved ones will need to wait before they know what to do with all you have left behind. The law involved can be very complicated and extremely confusing. Without a will, it can be very easy for your loved ones to break the law without even knowing. Even the most aggressive attorney will likely not speed up the long and drawn out process that is settling your estate without a will.

The thing is, estate planning doesn’t have to be as complicated as you might think it is. Getting a will done is something you could do in a very short amount of time. In many cases, you can have a simple will drafted in as little as ten or fifteen minutes. In so little time, you could establish the security that your children would need after you are gone.

One reason, perhaps, that many people put off having a will drawn up, even a simple one, is that death seems like something far off into the future. Many seniors have a will set up, but many young people do not. The sad fact of the matter is that death comes for everyone and the time is not known. To put off something as important as a will when so many people will be eft to pick up all of the pieces should you leave this world in an untimely way is not only sad but very unnecessary.

When it comes to probate, the law can be rather strict and quite complicated. Even when things as spelled out clearly and concisely with a detailed will, attorneys can and often do take their time sorting everything out. If, and this happens all too often, sadly, relatives challenge a will during probate, it can take some length of time to get everything sorted. Having an attorney who specializes in probate law can help facilitate as peaceful and easy a transition as you could hope to have.

If you do not have a will at the present time, consider how long it takes to watch your favorite sitcom. Most likely, that comes out to about a half hour. You could have a will prepared in less time than that. Why not do it today?

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