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You have probably noticed numerous law firms in your city. Many of these law firms are either entirely dedicated to, or also offer family law services. When would you need a family lawyer? Family law is actually one of the most common areas of the law and it includes the following legal concerns.

Divorce proceedings
Divorces are extremely common. In fact, in the United States, there are about 876,000 divorces each year. That means there is a new divorce happening every 36 seconds. Most people know at least one couple that has gotten divorced. In many cases, the divorce was in their own marriage. Family lawyers are a valuable part of divorces.

Divorce lawyers represent one side of the couple. They handle negotiations to ensure that their party gets what they are deserved. Most married couples have a lot of assets including savings accounts, homes, cars, and even debt. These financial assets need to be divided equally and in some cases, there is a lot of dispute as to who deserves what. The family lawyer is a valuable part of these decisions.

Child custody disputes
Child custody disputes are also involved in many divorces. Getting divorced can bring up a lot of emotions and some couples will attempt to use children as negotiating factors. The best solution is usually a joint custody, but even that can get difficult. The parents have to schedule out their children?s time. They have to decide who gets the children on different holidays and school breaks. One parent might feel that they are more deserving, while another feels that they are. This can bring up questions of parental problems. A family lawyer can provide you with child custody advice, while also helping you come to the best agreement.

The proceeding in court regarding child support is usually final, at least until the child is 18 years of age. New York courts, for example, can make orders about child custody until the child turns 18. The court gives custody based on the best interest of the child. Without a court order to the contrary, both parents have equal rights to physical and legal custody. However, the parents still need to come to an agreement of what equal rights looks like for them.

Family will disputes
Family law firms also represent other types of families, including siblings and even extended families. One of the most common situations is with family will disputes. When a grandparent or parent passes away and leaves a will, the will is sometimes questioned. One child that was not left an equal share might feel that another child manipulated the will. Another child might feel that the will was changed under duress. These are all questions, and legal concerns, that a family lawyer can help with.

Adoption and nontraditional families
Families can also include adopted and stepchildren. While this is often a happy time for everyone involved, it can bring up some legal concerns. It is best to have a family lawyer to handle the process. The family lawyer can ensure that the proper paperwork is filed and that the joining of the family is legal. With adoption, there are many other legal concerns to consider, including whether or not the parents want an open adoption or if they want the entire process sealed forever.

Divorces are the most common need for a family law firm. With 41% of first marriages ending in divorce, many people will require the services of a family lawyer. However, family law firms also represent other types of family disputes including will disputes and adoption proceedings. Make sure you are hiring the best lawyers specialized in family law for your family concerns.

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