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If you find yourself in trouble with the law, you may be very afraid. This is a scary situation to be in. If you have been charged with a crime such as DUI or possession of drugs, you may not know what to do next. Your first step needs to be to find an experienced and qualified attorney to help with your case. If this is the first time you have had this experience, you may not know where to turn. The good news is that there are things you can do to make talking to attorneys a more painless process.

  1. Know what kind of lawyer to hire. Make sure you know what kind of lawyer you want to hire. Like medical professionals, attorneys have specialities. You do not want to hire an immigration lawyer to handle a case when you really are in need of a criminal defense law firm. There are even sub-specialities. If you have been charged with driving under the influence, you want to talk to DUI lawyers.
  2. Talk to the people you know. The United States is one of the most litigious on the planet. We also have more people in jail and prison than any other country. As a consequence of all of that, the chances are very good that you know someone who has had gone to a lawyer for help of some kind. When you are looking for a lawyer to help with your case, talk to the people in your life whom you trust. Talk to your family, friends and coworkers. People may not advertise that they needed to see a lawyer but you probably know people who have. Because every case is different, you may not use the same law firm but they can give you a place to start.
  3. Look online. In today’s world, there is very little that you cannot find online. Do a Google search. Check Facebook. Many cities, towns and localities have pages or groups set up to promote local businesses. Look there for any recommendations for law firms in your area. You can also check the American Bar Association’s website or your local bar association to get information about practicing attorneys in your area.
  4. Get to know the attorneys. One mistake a lot of people make is they hire the first law firm they meet. All criminal defense law firms will give you a free first consultation. You should take advantage of this and seek out the advice and opinion of several practices before hiring one. There is always the chance that you will end up hiring the first lawyer you talk to but if you do not take the time to talk to at least three different lawyers, you will not ever really know if you made the right decision.
  5. Ask the right questions.
    1. Why do you practice this kind of law? When it comes to your defense, you need a lawyer who is going to be passionate about your case. Talk to attorneys who love what they do.
    2. How long have you been in practice? New lawyers may be great but when it comes to getting the bets defense you need someone with an established reputation. Keep in mind that most cases are settled with pleas so you need someone who can negotiate.
    3. What percentage of your time is spent on this kind of case?
    4. What is your billing process?
    5. Who will work on my case?
  6. Go with your gut. You need to be able to trust and communicate with the attorney you hire to defend you. If you find that you are uncomfortable talking or being honest with them, they may not be the best person to help you with your case.

It may feel like being arrested and charged with a crime is the end of the world. It is normal to feel this way but you should know that your life is not over just because you have been through this. Being arrested or charged with a crime is not the same as being convicted of one. Having the right attorney by your side can make all of the difference in the world when it comes to the outcome of your case.

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